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Shanghai KIC Building

Early indication of 23% reduction of energy use in 400,000 square metres of the mixed-use development

The HUB Office, Shanghai

Immediate 18% in HVAC energy savings in 4 blocks of Grade-A office building. Currently deployed to 5 sets of AHUs.

Hong Kong International Airport

Pilot project began in the staff office tower in one of the largest airport terminal buildings in the world, covering an area of about five square miles.

Talk to Airflexe: Reduce energy usage now

Our specialists can recommend a system to work with your AHU today.

Streamlined Airflexe Process


In most cases, we can get all the information we need over a simple zoom meeting.


AirFlexe frames arrive on site just like your previous air filter orders.


Baseline energy reduction numbers can be obtained the moment you switch on your AHUs.

Scale Deployment

Easily scale your deployment from a trial run to all AHUs.