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What is the AirFlexe Air Filter Solution? What does it do?

Airflexe has developed a patent pending air filter solution that works with any Air Handling Unit to easily enable organizations to implement their plan for sustainable operations and energy reduction. The Airflexe solution works by easily replacing all the building existing air filters to reduct the fan power required to produce the the same air volume without sacrificing filtration efficiency.

What is my expected energy savings from AirFlexe?

Airflexe can be expected to provide significant energy savings within your HVAC systems. Existing Airflexe deployments have saved businesses up to 50% on HVAC energy consumption compared to a baseline. The exact energy savings will ultimately depend on various operational and environmental factors for the building.

Will AirFlexe work with my existing BMS?

The AirFlexe AF180 includes a series of smart IoT sensors that work with many existing BMS systems. AirFlexe can connects to fleets of buildings running on different BMS systems to provide equipment-level KPIs.

Who is the Airflexe Solution well suited for?

Airflexe is for any buildings within commercial, mixed use and light industrial sectors, including (but not limited to) offices, banks, quick service restaurants, warehouses, retail, grocery, and hospitality.

In which countries is AirFlexe available?

Availability varies by country/region. However, AirFlexe solutions are generally available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, APAC Regions, and most regions in the EU.