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AirFlexe Energy Saving Air Filter Solution

Up to 30% immediate energy consumption reduction
Simple, Easy, Plug and Play installation

AirFlexe AF180

AirFlex AF180 is a smart air filter that is part of any healthy, efficient, carbon and cost-saving green buildings.  AirFlex is designed to easily replace your existing air filter with minimal installation work.  The AF180 can help accelerate the move to a sustainable building operation.    Helping any building to easily address climate change and meeting ESG goals.

Simple and easy to install
Immediate energy reduction
Smart IoT integration into existing systems
Cloud based data logging and analytics
Easy Installation

Easy Installation

The Airflexe AF180 works with any existing Air Handling Units. The AF180 can be installed during mid-cycle replacement or as part of the standard filter replacement program. Simply remove the existing air filter and plug in the AF180 and it’s done.

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Immediate Energy Reduction

Immediate Energy Reduction

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AirFlexe can reduce up to 30% energy usage for most HVAC systems immediately after installation.  HVAC systems are integral parts of most commercial building, responsible for 60% to 70% building energy usage.  

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Smart Features


Energy Reduction


BMS Integration


IoT Sensors


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We started seeing energy reduction immediately.

The installation process was
simple, we saw a 20% reduction in electricity usage the minute we turned the
AHUs back on after we installed the AF180.

Kevin RichardsHead of Smart Facilities Management, Odoyo Group